Social media as it exists today is a fucking curse. Smarter people have said better words about it in more professional formats but fuck it. This is my space and I'm going to say what I want. You're driven to suffer for advertisers. And no that's really not being dramatic. Engage with everything with no regard for your mental health. They don't fucking care. So I'm following my friend Ramona's advice and trying to get the fuck off of social media and forging my own space on the internet. I can be me here. I can do what I fucking want to here. I don't have to learn about the most recent goings on with terfs, the most recent horribly racist thing said by someone too fucking stupid or apathetic to make sure their microphone wasn't on. I don't need to learn about whatever corporation has decided to briefly acknowledge the mere existence of lgbt people so liberals who are fucking stupid and kids who don't know better will buy their fucking cookies with rainbows on them. I don't need to hear about how stupid conservatives and whatever other fucking moron is super pissed off that the left is cancelling Dr Seuss or whatever horseshit. I'm done with it all and you really should be too.

And of course the irony of the fact that you seeing this probably means you saw me post that it exists on twitter. At least for a bit, we'll see. I'm still figuring shit out, but until then, I'll be here. Chillin'.